Terry Miller Workshop

Terry Miller Workshop

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Put It Together: Understanding the Essentials of Good Composition with Terry Miller

JUNE 7-9 Ashland Art Center, Ashland, OR & Scott River Ranch

$400 for fri/sat: $450 for fri/sat/sun. ($50 discount if paid by April 1)

“Even in front of nature, one must compose.” Edward Degas

Whether you are continuing to refine your existing abilities which have developed over the course of your career, or are a novice

just starting out, the importance of knowing how to develop a good composition is essential to enhance the technical skills you may

already possess. The difference between a nicely handled, technically proficient painting or drawing, and a remarkably well-balanced

and uniquely appealing fine work of art, depends on how you – “Put It Together”.

This weekend workshop begins with an introduction and study of the elements and key principles of good compositional design.

Terry will discuss, through illustrated lecture, how relatively easy it can be, to take much of the ‘guess work’ out of putting together

well-thought-out compositions.

Saturday will be completely focused upon using reference material to its best advantage - editing and choosing what to spotlight;

mixing and matching; how to use a single source of reference in several different and unique ways - all to formulate interesting

compositions. Terry will show examples of his own process of using reference to compose, and attendees will have the opportunity

to seek advice on developing their own compositional designs from their own reference material and may also bring along ideas

they are having problems with in order to seek a constructive, critical analysis.

On Sunday, we will relocate to Scott River Ranch with its provocative wealth of visual information from the rural landscape. Students

will have further practice in creating their own compositions using on site inspiration. Terry will be available to help individuals

apply the key principles of good compositional design presented during the workshop to untangle sensory overload and create

interesting well balanced compositons. We will finish up the weekend with a delicous ranch BBQ and supportive critique.

contact: whipplesmith@gmail.com or 541 944-3436 for reservations.

Terry Miller has been a professional artist for the last 28 years. Working exclusively in graphite, his works are found in corporate, private and institutional collections across the globe and have been included in numerous specialty publications, including the popular Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing series in every volume since volume 2, as well as a feature article on his work in the November/December 2017 edition of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.

His choice of subject matter has primarily focused on the natural world and the animals that inhabit it, but man-made inspiration has slowly crept into his studio output and the human form now plays a role in his compositional ideas as well. Many honors have been bestowed upon his work, most notably that of being named the 33rd Master Wildlife Artist by the Woodson Art Museum in 2013. He also received, from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation during their 2015 London exhibition, the Wildlife Artist of the Year Award in the Monochromatic category. He has traveled far and wide, including seven trips to the African continent as well as numerous journeys across North America, doing field study and gathering reference material for his studio work. He is a Signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists and sits on the Executive Board of the Society of Animal Artists, of which he has been a Signature member since the early 1990s