Welcome to my site. I create limited edition prints using wood and copper. Hope you have a nice stay!


Off to Lassen National Park!

A month long artist in residency at Lassen National Park. Wow!  Most of my bags are packed and I am ready to go to Lake Manzanita.  Hmmm....Someone is planning on sneaking into the luggage.  I think she wants to visit with the wolf pack.  Sorry Annika, no dogs in the park!

So, the only requirement of my residency is to give several presentations to the public and complete a piece to donate to the park within a year.  The comment from friends and family has been, "I can't wait to see what print you come up with!"  I feel a thrill of trepidation and excitement when I hear this.  Hopefully I will be able to capture an image which has something unique to convey about Lassen.  Undoubtedly, there will be multiple prints I will attempt in order to to get one I am satisfied with.  As internet and cell phone access is limited I will be web free, so it's time to focus on the work!

Back from Lassen

The Cabin Edition