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Lassen Sketchbook

“ It has been over a month since I have posted.”  It sounds like a statement from a reforming alcoholic…but the opposite of a positive affirmation.  However, I had promised to share some of my sketches from my wonderful month in Lassen so here goes.
“ Hundreds, if not thousands of these butterflies were valiantly crossing the road through the park despite the kayak laden vehicles flattening a great number on the road.  Blind instinct is a bitch. 

I slowed down to try to determine the species. and to smash only 50 instead of hundreds, but had to finally stop and pick up this stunned insect for identification.  It obligingly rode in the passenger seat back to the cabin where I was able to draw and paint it in the closed position.  Finally, it was in good enough shape to once again join the hatching migration.  I took it outside to rest on a rock and started doing the open wing position from photographs.  When I returned to check a body detail, it was gone.” 

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